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Two soldiers lived as though they were sisters, but now find themselves on opposite sides of a holy war -- but for the first time, they have a chance at peace.  With the fate of their homeworld in jeopardy, and godlike powers intervening, treason is inevitable. Will they betray their cause, or each other?

Submission for One Page Rules Writing Jam #6, Record of Mourndrift War is a vignette from a larger story, envisioned as being an ideal setup for a GF or GF:F scenario between Rebels and Battle Sisters. One of my goals was to introduce a Battle Sisters Psyker Hero who could be used as an "outsider," avatar for introducing readers to the world of Battle Sisters; my other goal was to introduce a fleshed-out faction of Rebels to inspire people to try one of the least-played factions in GF, and also be able to use them as a springboard for exploring galactic politics using a neutral faction.

Since I was 12 years old reading grimdark sci-fi pulp novels in the back of class, I've been dreaming of writing science fiction. I've dodged around the topic for years, working in poetry, theatre, film, games, journalism, and nonfiction, but now, it's good to be home. Thank you so much for reading, just to have these words in your hands is a dream come true.

To reach out, collaborate, or keep up with my work and shitposting, find me on social media @CUIDADX


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